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The risks of gaming


The speed of a game is the factor that affects the risk level of gaming the most. The shorter the time between each action and each result, the greater the risk.

Sound and design

Games usually consist of different combinations and variations of sound effects and visual elements. These elements have been designed to create the maximum excitement for the player. It is a significant risk factor, as it can become increasingly captivating.

Increasing stakes

Players can seek more excitement by raising their bet stakes continuously, and this can lead to an eventual loss of control while playing.

The chance to win

When a player wins, a sense of reward results. Several small wins grouped together can create the illusion of improved winning chances, which further increases the risk of developing a gaming addiction.

Continuous gaming

Playing for long periods without breaks significantly increases the risk factor. When playing for an extended period, it is very common to gamble more than planned. We offer a range of award-winning tools to help you keep track of how much time and money you spend on your gaming.

The risks of gaming