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Paf Multibrand is committed to doing everything possible to give players an enjoyable playing experience, whilst recognising that gambling can cause problems for a minority of players. Thus, we want to inform you about the following tools and services that we can offer in the hope that you choose to play sustainably


Try our short self-test and get some important insights about your gaming behaviour.
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We have a strict age policy. Once you are 18 you are welcome to play.


We offer a range of helpful tools and services. Make sustainable gaming decisions by setting your personal limits.


Control how much money you spend on playing by regulating how much you can deposit into your gaming account.


Control how much money you spend on playing by regulating your potential losses.


A tool for shorter timeouts from one or more of the gaming categories.


If you would like to take a longer break from gaming we can help you to lock your gaming account for periods ranging from 6 months to 3 years. Contact our Helpdesk.Paf reserves the right to also exclude any other Gaming Accounts that you may have within the Paf Group.


Activate gaming reminders to receive relevant responsible gaming messages while you play


Every player that plays at Paf Multibrand is automatically covered by our Yearly Loss Limit. This limit means that no player can lose more than SEK 200,000 in a calendar year. Read more here.

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There are services that can help you control your own gaming and keep underage players away from online gaming sites. Be sure to log out whenever you’re not playing!Block yourself from gaming sites using, for example, BetfilterBlock underage players from gaming sites using, for example, Net Nanny


Sometimes talking with an expert is an important step if you want to make a change

Support your loved ones

Do you know someone who is playing too much? We have some tips that might help you in such a situation.

Talk to someone

Starting a dialogue and actually talking about the problem is an important first step. As a friend or family member you possibly need to talk about the problems yourself because they are affecting you too. If the affected player gets treatment supported by our gaming insurance then a relative can also join the treatment sessions.

Your health is just as important

It’s easy to forget yourself and only focus on the person with the problem. You can support them better if you also make sure that you take care of yourself.

Be a friend, not a bank

Players with gaming problems can come up with the most creative stories about why you should lend them money. As a close friend or relative your job is first and foremost to support your friend emotionally, not financially. So keep careful control of your own finances.

Supportive links for relatives


Sometimes talking with an expert is an important step if you want to make a change. Gambling therapyGamble AwareHelpline: 0808 8020 133 Gamblers Anonymous


Paf Multibrand has a unique gaming insurance! To be able to use the gaming insurance you need to fulfill following criteria:Be a resident of SwedenBe registered at Paf Multibrand for at least 12 monthsHave played for at least €120 during the last 12 month period.


The tool Radar has been developed to be able to detect potentially risky gambling behavior and to be able to contact players for preventive purposes and thereby promote responsible gambling. With the help of our Radar, players are divided into segments from a risk perspective, so that we can tailor messages depending on the player’s individual gaming behavior. The Radar is constantly being developed to improve the work of intercepting risky behaviors and to improve the preventive messages that are sent out.

With the segmentation, players are classified into different segments based on their game history during the last 90 days. The segmentation is updated every day to be as current as possible. This means that a player can switch between different segments on a daily basis. Paf Multibrand has decided not to send marketing / offers to players who are in a so-called risk segment. Players who have lost more than SEK 20,000 in the last 90 days receive no marketing and no offers.



The speed of a game is what affects the risk level of the game the most. The shorter the time between effort and result, the greater the risk.

Sound and design

Most games are made up of different combinations and variations of sound effects and visual elements to create excitement and to keep the player’s interest. This is a risk factor as gambling can be too captivating and difficult to tear yourself away from.

Bet level

The level of bets plays a big role when it comes to gambling problems. Players can seek excitement by continuing to raise their bet level and this can lead to the eventual loss of control.

Chance to win

When a player wins, a sense of reward arises. Several small wins and large chances of winning increase the risk of developing a gambling addiction.

Continuous play

Spending a lot of time can be just as much a risk factor as spending too much money. To play for long periods without interruption is a clear risk and it is easy to play more than planned as the games take turns. Remember that we have various tools to help you keep track of how much time and money you spend on your gaming.


Ever wondered how it all really works? Why sometimes you win and sometimes you don’t?

Why does my luck change?

Casino games are completely random by design. Each spin or round is totally independent of what went before. So it makes no difference whatsoever what happened before. Chance has no memory. You cannot affect your chances of winning in any possible way.

Random? Independent event? What does that mean?

Inside every slot machine (or similar game) is a random number generator producing millions of numbers every second. Each one of those numbers is independent from each other with an equal chance of being a winning or losing number. What went before or after has no effect on the outcome.

If it’s random, why do I never win?

It can sometimes feel that way. Random number generators are the reason why some people win on their first try, while others can spend a long time playing without winning. There’s no way of influencing the outcome, it’s all about chance and mathematics.

What is the role of skill in gaming?

For games like Sport Betting, Texas Hold’em Poker and Blackjack, your level of skill can influence the outcome of a game. In these types of games, your playing decisions directly influence the result (which is not the case with slot machines). But it doesn’t matter how good you are, you can’t eliminate the house advantage built into the rules of the game. This house advantage means that even the best players will, in all probability, lose over time. In the long run the gaming company usually wins.